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Mullenix Ridge PTA Officers 2021-2022 School Year

President - Carrie Schmidt

Vice President - OPEN - help the PTA in this valuable position

Secretary - Toni Kruckeberg

Treasurer - Amy Hoskinson

Q: Why join PTA?
A: When you join PTA you support local, state and national efforts to influence the lives of children and their families for the better.

Q: Who can join PTA?
A: Anyone! Students, siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and neighbors can all join PTA.

Q: How do I join PTA?
A: Just fill in your information on a PTA order form and send in your membership fee or enroll on our Square Store at Membership is $9.00 for a student, $12.00 for an individual membership or $20.00 for two memberships. You can also donate towards a PTA membership. Memberships are for one year and expire in October of the following school year.

Q: Am I required or expected to volunteer if I join PTA?
A: Absolutely not! Being a PTA member is not a time commitment.

Q: What does the PTA do?
A: Through membership, fundraising, grants, donations and volunteers, the PTA funds teacher and classroom grants, purchases books for the library and classrooms, gives hot lunch assistance, supports the WATCH D.O.G.S. program, provides PTA Board training, 5th grade camp assistance, maintains the Accelerated Reading Program, runs family fun nights, sponsors the fall dance and many more activities and programs. You can check the website for a full list of assistance that the PTA gives.

What does Mullenix Ridge PTA support? (Budget for 2021-2022)
5th Grade Camp $4,500.00
Assemblies $1,200.00
Books for Classrooms & Library $3,000.00
Care for Students, Families & Staff $200.00
Classroom Grants $2,600.00
Library, Music, P.E. $600.00
Literacy Programs $2,700.00
Recognition (Students, Volunteers, 
Staff & Golden Acorn) $1,740.00
Student Enrichment $1,950.00
Student Lunch Assistance $450.00
Training PTA Board $800.00
WATCH D.O.G.S. $450.00
Stage/Audio Visual Improvements - $3,000.00
Playground Improvements - $1,500.00